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The Tantocosì story


The Tantocosì story was born out of passion and intuition. Our atelier located in via Manzoni and our stores are positioned in the pulsating heart of Milan. The Tantocosì symbol is a smiling little man with open arms. He shortly became a true self standing brand and is a real lifestyle that celebrates friendship and love, through a simple form that expresses affection. The Tantocosì emblem, created by Rivière, transforms itself from a simple bracelet into a real message of universal love. All our bracelets are 100% MADE IN LOVE and 100% MADE IN ITALY! Our creations are produced in Italy using artisan crafted procedures. With the help of avant-garde materials and techniques, they gave life to a young and original collection. 

"All our bracelets are


"Our philosophy?


Our philosophy? BE YOURSELF! The unique character of the collections is given by their strong emotional impact. "Tantocosì", which means "so much", is the answer to the burning question all lovers have : "How much do you love me?". Our purpose at Tantocosì is to bring smiles and happiness to everyone that comes in contact with us. 

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