James Rivière created the Tantocosì leather bracelets, wishing to transform jewelry into an everyday affair, the perfect gift meant to work with everyone's hectic modern life. With the leather bracelets, he also designed various charms. The charms help express your personality and experiences. It makes for the perfect gift for your loved ones or yourself. In the charms family you will find a rich variation including animals, transport means, letters for composing a message, the "7 sorridenti" and many more love icons. The "7 sorridenti" have the Tantocosì symbol at heart, but it incorporates also symbols for family, life, celebration and infinity. The charms are available in silver, yellow gold and rose gold. Likewise, the leather bracelets come with silver, yellow gold or mixed details, combining a trio of silver, yellow gold and rose gold in one bracelet.  

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